Open Mic Poetry Night at The Country Bookshelf

Where: The Country Bookshelf
When: The last Friday of every month.
Cost: Free
Tickets: N/A

Experience talented writers and performers from across the valley as they spit their freshest original works, as well as a wide range of classic poetry still treasured and alive today. Share your favorite poem with us! Word of mouth is key to having a packed room and a long list of readers at the mic so make sure to spread the word.

See you at the mic!


All genres of poetry are welcome.

One or two poems per reading, or up to six minutes.

Musical performance is always welcome at the mic. Feel free to bring a guitar, or keyboard, or whatever you want. Mix it up. Have fun!

Share original works, Or Don’t, but please give credit to the author.

Poetry with strong adult content, use of explicit language, strong violent or sexual imagery etc. is permitted. Readers are encouraged to wait until the second hour of the night to share at the mic, Or give fair warning especially in consideration of anyone who may have brought children. Be considerate and say whatever you want 🙂

The night is divided into two parts, each running about an hour, with a fifteen-minute intermission between. As usual, refreshments will be provided.

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